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Would any ebony women like to have an online relationship with a white guy?
Ok im 16 6 foot 3 inches tall medium length light brown hair dark blue eyes 195 lbs. im looking for a nice ebony woman to have an online relationship with im very nice and considerate i listen and try to help whenever i can. i'm easy going and fun loving so if any ebony woman would like to let me know
lmao...dude arent there any where you live??
Does anybody know what the sex position is when a girl is on her back and crossing her feet behind her head?
if you are into ebony pornstars you probably know about kapri styles she does this a lot and i want to know the name of this position
Which Louis Vuitton speedy bag should I get?
I am twenty yrs old... this isnt my first Louis. I have two bags in the monogram and one in the damier azur.
However, I want one in the speedy design.... Should I get a speedy 25 or a speedy 30? Should I get the traditional monogram, damier azur, or damier ebony?

I am five foot three inches... I have tan skin and black hair, and my clothing is more on the preppier side.
If you already have monogram and damier azur, go with damier ebony. I would use the speedy 25 since it seems like your small and the 30 might be too big.
Ebony Girl 3?
I know she is there,
I can feel her eyes in the back of my head.
The soft glow from her window,
throws shadows on the lawn.
I know she is wondering,
who I am,
what I am doing here.
One day she will know,
she will find me,
silver chain to my neck,
she will find me.
Then she will know my secrets.
The open heart tells all.
The inky waters swirl at my feet,
glistening in the sparkle of the diamond stars,
and the pearl moon.
I must seem so strange to her,
a girl of midnight.
For hours I sit,
the cool breeze playing with my hair,
the quiet loon wailing her song out on the lake.
As the first night stars fade into the sunrise,
I take to the woods.
Concealing my mysery,
once more.
pearl moon, diamond stars, inky waters etc. I like your word choices. The poem has a loving atmosphere with a dose of mystery. This line, however, has a dark ring about it:
"a girl of midnight"
but probably that is how you meant it!

good luck
I have a wooden elephant carving of black ebony weighing over 200 Kgs with ivory tusks nearly 30 cm long..?
It stands 4 feet tall and nearly 3 feet wide. It has toe nails made of ivory too. The eyes are glass. It originates in Uganda I think. It is over 50 years old. Is there another one around?
Where the heck do you keep that?
For all the non teen Ebony female's only who do wear white calf high socks pushed all the way down only what
outfit's & foot wear do you really wear & why??
PS answer the question with the truth nothing but the truth & answer the question to what you really do in real life only.
wat did you say? put it in easier terms then i will answer properly
Question about refinishing hardwood floors?
Can I stain my floors and put the top coat of polyurethane on a couple days later? We sanded down our floors and are ready to stain but would like to have some friends over for an anniversary party this Friday. Obviously, the polyurethane wouldn't be dry in time. We can always have the party elsewhere but it'd be easier at our house. What do you think? What would happen to unsealed stained floors with chairs and foot traffic? The stain color would be ebony
If the stained floors don't have protective coating on them then you will have stains, wearing on the color, scrapes in the color, plus darker stains take longer to dry than lighter stains do so the stain itself might not even be dry by Friday. The darker color would show every wear mark and scrape which would be almost impossible to re-tint to the same color as the surrounding floor. Personally, I would hold the party somewhere else and not risk your new floors being ruined by a spill or a scrape.

The pros say that the floor can not be walked on during the refinishing process and at least 28 hours after last coat of polyurethane is applied. After 24 hours, light traffic is allowed. Normal traffic is allowed after 48 - 72 hours. Do not slide furniture on the floor, lift it into place after 48 hours. Area rugs can be put down after 14 days on water based finishes and 30 days for all other finishes. Furniture and rugs placed too soon may result in finish or surface damage. Some area rugs and padding may damage or discolor the finish.
Schumann Piano Company?
Somebody my family knows is trying to sell a Schumann Piano, 6 feet and ebony. He's selling it for 4,800 and we would really like it, but we want to know if it's a good brand or not. It's somewhat new, about three or four years. I've been playing for eight years, and we're trying to upgrade from our Yamaha U2, so...is this a good piano, and a good deal?
Schumann pianos were built in Chicago during the turn of the century. At that time, Chicago produced the most pianos any where in the world. The majority of piano company's at that time were from the German Tradition. Schumann pianos were of the highest quality at that time. Some of the best instruments came from the Schumann Factory.

They were very popular instruments by some of the leading pianists at the time. Of course the power house piano company was Steinway, but few could afford those instruments, much like today. Schumann was often an alternative for those who could not afford Steinway.

One of the biggest positives for the Schumann Company was the durability of the instrument. The wood was treated well and the instrument was constructed by hand and with a lot care and detail. They are known to last in all sorts of climates and conditions.

With any used piano you need to check the sound board for cracks and/or repairs, that the tuning board is still stiff and secure to hold the tuning pegs in place, that the action is still fluid and even, that the hammers and all pads/felts in the instrument are in good condition.

Now here the thing... Schumann pianos much like Rittmuller Pianos are now built in China. Many of these leading piano companies from the turn of the century went out of business or only produced a small amount of pianos a year. Many companies now in China have bought out these German companies and now build the instruments themselves attempting to make money off of the names. If it is a Schumann built in China, I would walk away from them. Some Schumann uprights are sold in Costco!

If in fact your Schumann is built in Chicago and from the early 1920's, have a technician look at it and ask them for their opinion. For $4800 and being ebony, I imagine it is being built in China and for that price you might as well upgrade your Yamaha U2 with another Yamaha. Check the inside of the piano and it should say where it was built. But like I said, since it is ebony I imagine it is the Chinese version.

That would be a waste of money as you will never be able to sell that piano for what you paid for down the road and you could instead rent to own, lease or finance a better grand piano. There are some uprights that are better instruments than those cheap grands. I tell my students if you want to get a grand, spend the big bucks, at least $20 000 and get a Kawai or a Boston.
Can you help identify this bureau and this buffet?
I need help identifying a certain antique dresser/bureau it has philadelphia empire claw feet but its made or a red cherrry looking blackish wood. it looks ebony with red? any ideas, has glass knobs and a mirror held by pins with knobs on both sides so it tilts. is this Empire style? the other is a sideboard with square wood pyramids attached to doors and a diamond pattern going down.... the legs are square with a square foot and brass wreath like pull rings color is walnut I think a little red tinge to it. HELP I need to unload asap thanks
There are a few sites that can help you, but you will need a picture. Idk how to add a link, I'm using 'My Things' to get professional info. They will tell you more about what it is and what it might be worth. The dresser sounds like a nice piece, take your time because there could be some good money in it. I have used the site a couple of times, and they have been accurate for me. Good luck

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