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Fat SEX?!?!?!?
okay, i've been dating this guy fot a few years...
and in that few years, he's put on quiet a bit of weight
I love him, so it doesn't matter if hes not thin.
The only thing is.. he lieks to be on the top when we have sex.
it hurts.
What do I do?!
Ps. im hawt<3
Hi, just tell him he's hurting you when on top, and could you try a different position. There is loads of positions to choose from, that would be enjoyable for both of you, instead of just him.
How much do guys notice fat during sex?
If you have slight love handels or any fat, do guys notice it during sex?
How much do they notice, because they do feel around, so wouldthey be like 'oh, thats a little pudgy'?

and also, do they notice body hair? or would sex be too rough to even notice it?

If not, what do guys notice during sex?
guys are probably just happy to be having sex they dont care about a little pudgyness. and they wont care about a little body hair either.
Is having sex with fat women a sin in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam?
I love BBW's. I love their voluptuous figures. I know the biblical faiths ban homosexual sex. Homosexual sex is taboo in modern society as well, even though I am not a homophobe at all and I support gay marriage. In most western societies being attracted to fat people is also many times considered taboo. So is having sex with fat women a sin?
God is not discriminatory.
How do really fat couples have sex?
I saw this morbidly fat couple with a baby today, and i wonder how can they have sex? Is it even possible ?
2 Words: Turkey Baster
How does a fat girl have sex with a skinny man?
I've heard that girl on top is the preferred position of overweight people. However, how does a fat/obese girl have sex with a thin man. I think it would be painful to do girl on top but missionary also seems hard. How do they do it??? Obviously they do my aunt is probably at least 350 lbs but her husband is tiny and they have three guys! How!?!?!
mann i really dont know but i want to know that too cuz my ex (his 170lbs 6'2) left me to go bak to his ex dats like 220lbs and she only 5'2!!!! i think itz nasty idk wata hell is wrong with im but im curious on how they have sex
How can Government Healthcare justify denying abortions, sex changes, fat surgery or even some plastic surgery?
At least 20% of women get abortions, sex changes for gays would be about 30 million eligible, 75 million of fat people could get bariatric surgery, then big nosed, big breasted or little penis people would make at least 100 million more. WE ARE GOING TO BE PAYING FOR ALL OF THAT OUT OF TAXPAYERS MONEY?
That seems to be the case.

Im still trying to read the ENTIRE 1000+ pages of it. But from what I hear on radio, that's going to be something people are going to KICK OUT the politicians who vote FOR this bill!!
I recently had sex with a really fat girl. How can i get my friends to see the humor in it?
If anyone has ever had drunk sex with a fat person, you can appreciate the situation. Although the initial depression lasts for about a week or so, once the image is finally out of your head it is indeed quite funny. My friends say i crossed the line with this last porker. Am I wrong in thinking this is funny, or do my friends need to lighten up?
Yeh thats hell funny.
tell your friends a roots a root :)
How do real fat dudes have sex?
I saw this video on youtube randomly and it was this super fat sumo wrestler with a hot chick. And I was thinking how is he able to have sex.

I mean i know the penis is attached to the body, so the fatter someone gets the less room they have to work with. So it would have to be very short. And then they have this big barrier of fat. What do they do, do they plop the belly on the girl to get acess?

explain plz.
All fat guys have small penises too. The fat cuts off the circulation to their junk and it can't get as much blood for a decent erection. Seriously, every single fat guy I have seen naked has had a tiny penis.

Want a bigger wang? Lose weight.

As for a normal guy that fat, the girl would definitely have to be on top if she wanted to live. Men who are morbidly obese have a significantly higher risk of heart disease. If a woman were on the bottom, she would be crushed if the guy had a heart attack during the physical exertion of sexual activity ... this happens much more often then you think.

As for sumo wrestlers, they actually have very strictly monitored diets and despite their weight and size, are considered "healthy." I suppose they would still have to be on the bottom though, just for logistical purposes.
Can having sex with a fat girl cause weight loss?
I am 25 years old now and have been having sex with my big beautiful women for 2 years. At the start of our realstionship, i weighed in at 260 pounds and her 245. She has stayed the same yet, after my eating habits have not changed, over 2 years of having sex with my big women, i have dropped 33 pounds. I have figured out how to loose weight enjoyably, fat women. I patenet this idea does anyone else think this is ingenious. Share your thoughts.
sounds like cancer
Allways wondering how do Fat ppl especially if they are cpl having sex?
Allways wondering how do Fat ppl especially if they are cpl having sex?Those really fat and large with extremly big belly people..?Do they really have a desire to have sex?
They can assume side-side positions or standing positions. Or the lesser fat partner goes on top. I agree with you that it is incumbersome with all thatlayers of fat tissues to set aside. Some obese people have a poor body image and thus exacerbate their obesity. It's very hard t feel sexy when you are too fat. The choice of clothes are limited. They are more expensive. They can be ridiculed. The slender partner tends to go astray looking for that slender, sexy partner.

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