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Who is the Lesbian Sailor Scout in Sailor Moon?
My friends think there is a lesbian in Sailor Moon but I just cant spot her out! Is it Mars? Or Serena's best friend? The one with the red hair, whos mum owns the jewelery store?
Sailor Uranus. She's the one with the short blonde hair. She is seen in some of the Sailor Moon Movie series. Oddly enough, you can also hear dialog that Uranus and Neptune are cousins.
Sailor Moon lesbian parody/voiceover?
Awhile back my friend and I found a hilarious dubbed video of Sailor Moon where she thought she was a lesbian. I can't find it anywhere and I've searched for almost every possible combination of words. If someone finds the video I'm looking for I will be stoked beyond belief and... I'll buy you a Snuggie... not for real. An imaginary Snuggie.

If I remember correctly the video I'm speaking of starts out with Sailor Moon in a room with some girls a boy comes in the door and says something and they get pissed. In the end Sailor Moon is looking at porn and Luna comes in and gets mad at her and tells her she's not a lesbian.... GAH I wish Iemembered more.

I can't be sure, but I found this (it's 2 movies on 1 DVD): www.sundevildvd.com/store/product…
Lesbian in sailor moon?
Ok so i dont watch sailor moon but im fully aware of its existance. But this guy in my school and i were talking about that show and he was telling me that in the anime, there was some sort of date and one of the sailor moon girls had a lesbian date that in the dubbed version she called her cousin. Is that true or complete bullcrap?

like i said, i dont watchi this show so i dont know
Yeah, Sailor Neptune (Michiru )and Sailor Uranus (Hakaru) are lesbians. In the English dub, which was aimed at young guyren, the show claimed they were "cousins" in an attempt to explain why they should be kissing and holding hands and stuff. However, in the Japanese version they do not avoid this at all, and it is often brought up in small talk between the two characters.

It is also kinda sorta hinted that Sailor Jupiter (Makato) in bisexual, but it's never really clear. In one episode in the third season, it appears as if she is falling in with Hakaru, and her friend Usagi tells her "you are having dangerous feelings. Even though Hakaru is attractive, she is a girl." In the end though, Sailor Jupiter just kinda explains in a voice over at the end that she admires Sailor Uranus for finding a perfect balance between her tomboy and feminine side, something Sailor Jupiter herself has trouble with since she's sorta a tomboy.

In the fifth season, which was never dubbed into English, a new character, Sailor Star Fighter (Seiya), though masquerading as a boy, is secretly a girl and falls in love with Sailor Moon (Usagi). In one season, she actually kisses Usagi, though nothing comes of it, because Usagi is still desperately in love with her boyfriend, and doesn't know he died on a plane ride to America (doesn't this sound like a soap opera?) Anyway, the reason the fifth season of Sailor Moon, called Sailor Stars, was never dubbed into English is because so much plot revolved around the kinda sorta lesbian relationship between Seiya and Usagi.

When someone else asked if sailor stars was ever being dubbed in english, I answered "No, the company that produces the dubbing in English in North America, Pioneer Entertainment, decided not to dub the last season of Sailor Moon because so much plot was centered around the relationship between Usagi and Seiya. In one episode, he/she kisses Usagi suddenly, and there was no way the English dubbing could get around that.

In Sailor Moon SuperS, the dubbers were able to get around the lesbian relationship between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus by claiming they were "cousins" and that's why it was okay for them to be kissing and holding hands and such. In America, the show was targeted at small guyren and it was run on cartoon network, so the dubbers were only trying to "protect the guyren's innocence."

However, they couldn't do this with Seiya and Usagi, since there was so much plot centered around their lesbian relationship. They would have had to majorly change the plot, and the dubbers weren't willing to do this, since they felt it would take away from the anime, which it would. I personally support their decision to not dub the fifth season, since the new plot would have probably been insulting to the Sailor Moon show as a whole." I hope this kinda helps explain the whole lesbian relationship there.

In the Sailor Moon manga (comic books, the original source for Sailor Moon before it was turned into an anime), it also hints that the man Sailor Moon is so in love with, Mamarou, used to have a gay relationship with the villain in the first Sailor Moon movie, Sailor Moon R: The Promise of a Rose. However, it is never made clear one way or the other and the readers are left to wonder if they were just close friends or more...

So clearly Takeuchi (the creator of sailor moon) had no problem with homosexuals. I'm not sure how much a controversial topic it is in Japan though. Hope this helped explain things a bit!
Were all the characters on sailor moon lesbians?
I heard that all the characters on sailor moon were all originally made to be lesbians. Is that true? I never thought that until Neptune and uranus and the star lights came in. but they never showed anything like that in the anime. Only in the manga, which I never really got to read. I never thought it would be so adult oriented.Can someone help me?

Please and thank you.

No, they weren't all lesbian.
Sailor Moon all lesbian?
Is everyone in Sailor Moon a lesbian or something because the Sailor Stars seem to have boobs??? and Haruka acts very manly and is in love with Michiru?? i don't get it.
Well, they are girls and when they transform, they get boobs.

there has been a lot of comments that there is yuri in it. Not full-blown lesbianism, but certainly a lot of girl-girl support and tenderness.

Many animes have that, whether it is light (second season of mahoromatic between Mahoro and Minawa) or more blatent (Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl between Hazumu Osaragi and Yasuna Kamiizumi)

As to tranfromations scenes when the girls become women, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie and Jungre de Ikou has some stunning scenes where a ten-year old girl becomes a full-bodied (and I mean FULL bodied) woman
Sailor Moon: What evidence is there to suggestion that Amy & Lita may possibly be in a lesbian relationship?
Not that I believe that, but what episodes to people draw upon to suggest that Amy (Ami or Sailor Mercury) and Lita (Makoto or Sailor Jupiter) are in love with each other?

it's obviously not real, and she says so.
In sailor moon were those two sailor scouts lesbian?
and did they ever kiss their such a cute couple
Do you mean Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune? If so, no they didn't kiss, but in the 5th season they were more open about their relationship.
Why did the show Sailor Moon include a lesbian couple?
Not that I'm homophobic, I'm just curious...

Japanese do this a lot in Anime/Manga, they are just open minded.

At some times in Japanese History, love between men was seen as the purest form of love, and I guess it went on from there. Plus, homosexuality was never viewed as a sin in Japanese Society or Religion.

It's kind of like Japanese with incest, but Im not gonna get into that.
What Is Sailor Moon's Story?
I used to love the Sailor Moon series so much. I only saw a couple of seasons. I really want to get caught up. Please help:) If you could just tell me what happened. Like I know that Sailor Moon has a daughter. These are some questions I would like to ask:
1. Is Sailor Moon married?
2. Sailor Moon has a guy. Did she get pregnant by Tuxedo Mask or did she just get the baby sent to her to help her defend the universe?
3. Is there a lesbian couple on Sailor Moon?
So just fill me in on a summary of what has happened. And if you use some japanese term of what to call the people, please put like (sailor moon) to help me understand who each person is. Thanks:)
1.Not Sailor Moon (Serena), but Queen Serenity yes, she is married.

2.Yes Sailor mini moon was her daughter (the Queen's), the king who IS tuxedo mask but technically he has a different name is the father.

3.Sort of a lesbian couple, but you don't really see anything happen between them, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. There is also a gay couple in the first season. But only if you watch the Japanese version.
Is sailor moon suitable for guys?
i have a 10 yrs old daughter who is very tomboy and she likes to watch sailor moon especially the haruka-michiru character (the lesbian). am just trying to prevent her to become lesbian and i suspect this sailor moon anime may spark this tendency. thanks
If you try to avoid it then you'll probably repress it and make her more inclined to explore it. Just let her watch it... if she's old enough to be a lesbian then she's old enough for you to talk to her about it.

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